Going the Distance for Mom

When Laura Reindel puts on her hiking boots on June 21st and heads for Kennesaw National Battlefield for a hike, she is not doing it because she loves hiking.  She is hiking on the Longest Day to raise awareness and funds for the Alzheimer’s Association.  But the biggest reason is she is hiking to honor … Continue reading Going the Distance for Mom


Mr. Naik Goes to Washington

When Atlanta resident Amol Naik was asked to go to Washington, D.C. to advocate on behalf of those living with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers, it seemed like a natural fit for him. He has spent most of his professional career working in public policy and with legislators. But it would be his personal experience with … Continue reading Mr. Naik Goes to Washington

The Longest Day – My Story

  Six years ago, l volunteered to be Team Captain for The Longest Day (TLD) for The Fred Tompkins Memorial Bridge Club, Athens, Georgia.  My commitment was, and still is, to honor the memory of my mother, Dorothy Fagan Sinkey (1916-1997), who suffered from Alzheimer’s for almost a decade.  In the early 1950s in Latrobe, … Continue reading The Longest Day – My Story

Remembering Nanna

Whitney Williamson Hooker is no stranger to Alzheimer’s.  At the age of 17 years old, she began to watch her beloved grandmother be robbed of everything that made her “Nanna”. "If you ask anyone who knew her, my grandmother "Nanna", Helen Tabor, was the kindest and warmest person they had ever met. She was always … Continue reading Remembering Nanna

Daughter’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s

Linda Brennan is one of the twelve Dancing Stars of Central Georgia, an event that raises money for the Alzheimer’s Association. An avid tennis player and business leader in the Macon community, she never thought she would be in a dance competition. “I have no training as a dancer and my professional partner is half … Continue reading Daughter’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s

Foot Soldier in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Phyllis Kitchens Thurmond refers to herself as simply “a foot soldier in the fight against Alzheimer’s”. We refer to her as our biggest cheerleader and Alzheimer’s disease worst enemy. She is also a dedicated volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association. Phyllis grew up in Gray, Georgia with most her family living within yards from her home. … Continue reading Foot Soldier in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Finding Light in the Dark

As you enter the ballroom of Dancing Stars of Augusta, from one end to the other you see glitz and glamour. Above your head hangs a large mirror ball casting its figure throughout the entire room. The tables are covered in bright purple and shining silver with beautiful floral arrangements centered perfectly in the middle. … Continue reading Finding Light in the Dark

Just You and I

By: Sydney Bolding Thomason Dancing Star of Dalton and Alzheimer's Association volunteer I want to believe the old adage “ignorance is bliss,” but I think this approach to life—this being unaware of situations and circumstances—is actually more detrimental than blissful. When I was a little girl I came to know grief rather quickly: I lost … Continue reading Just You and I

Creating Awareness Through Dance

Phenix City resident Norman Howard never thought he would be participating in a dance competition. But when the Alzheimer’s Association asked him to participate in Dancing Stars of Columbus, he immediately jumped at the chance. Norman’s reason?  In 2008 , Norman’s mother, Irene Howard, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and succumbed to the disease in 2011. … Continue reading Creating Awareness Through Dance

Dancing for Mom

By Jason Perry 2018 Dancing Star of Atlanta & Alzheimer's Association Volunteer I want to ask you to use your imagination for a moment…imagine a young lady with a difficult childhood.  Imagine a young man raised by his mother, as his father passed away when he was very young.  Imagine these two people meeting in school and … Continue reading Dancing for Mom