This is our Thanksgiving. It’s not perfect, but it is precious

When a loved one has dementia, you lose so much. In fact, sometimes, it seems that every day, every encounter is just one loss after another. Visits with mom are best when we are doing something: looking at photo albums, walking around the mall, working in the yard. Sitting around and making conversation doesn’t go … Continue reading This is our Thanksgiving. It’s not perfect, but it is precious


The Most “WANDER-FULL” Time of the Year!

­The holidays are almost here…is your loved one wearing their MedicAlert + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return jewelry? My name is Kim Franklin and I have been working with the Alzheimer’s Association as our Safety Services Manager for eight years now.  During the holiday season, I usually see an increase in wandering incidents.  At this time … Continue reading The Most “WANDER-FULL” Time of the Year!

Holiday Tips for Caregivers

For most families, holidays are filled with opportunities for togetherness, sharing, laughter and memories. However, holidays can also be filled with stress, disappointment and sadness. This is especially true for individuals experiencing memory loss or other dementia symptoms and their caregivers. See below for a few tips that may help make the holiday season a … Continue reading Holiday Tips for Caregivers