Dan’s Caregiver Video Blog

Two of our heroes here at the Georgia Chapter, are Dan and his wife Denise. Denise was diagnosed with dementia at the young age of 56, about 3 1/2 years ago. Since then, their lives have changed dramatically. Inspired to use their voices about this terrible disease, both Dan and Denise have become Champions and Advocates … Continue reading Dan’s Caregiver Video Blog


Caregiver Coping Part 4: “Take Care of Yourself”

* This is the fourth and final installment in a series where we will be discussing some realistic ways that Caregivers can cope with the stresses of care-giving. Okay, I said it. You need to take care of yourself. If you are a caregiver, you may be rolling your eyes at this point, or laughing maniacally … Continue reading Caregiver Coping Part 4: “Take Care of Yourself”

Living and Loving with Alzheimer’s Disease: Kim’s Story

Phil and Kim Wilson have been happily married for seven years. Their home in Rome, Georgia is recognizable for its well-tended garden, ablaze with vibrant colors. Kim's children live nearby along with her grandchildren - 3 boys: Mason, Oliver and Dexter. Phil and Kim have a close-knit family and a wide circle of friends and colleagues, … Continue reading Living and Loving with Alzheimer’s Disease: Kim’s Story

Staff Spotlight: Rebekah Davis

This is an interview with Rebekah Davis, who currently serves as the Program Director in the North Georgia Regional office of the Alzheimer's Association, Georgia Chapter. Where did you grow up and where did you go to college? I grew up in Adairsville, GA. I graduated valedictorian from Adairsville High School. I earned a BS in … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Rebekah Davis

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Happy National Volunteer Appreciation Week! I would like to sincerely thank the Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter volunteers! I’ve had the pleasure of serving as the Volunteer and Outreach Manager for Metro Atlanta for more than 5 years. During that time, I’ve met volunteers from all walks of life. Undeniably, my favorite part of my job … Continue reading Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Alzheimer’s Awareness Day 2015: So Much Accomplished!

Thursday, February 12, was Alzheimer’s Awareness Day at the Georgia State Capitol.  Of the 200 Georgia advocates attending the event, over 75% indicated that they had never attended before. Following an update on the Chapter’s Platform issues, we joined Governor Nathan Deal and several supportive legislators for our annual photo opportunity.  Everywhere you turned in … Continue reading Alzheimer’s Awareness Day 2015: So Much Accomplished!


  We just heard last week from Augusta Program Director Beth Williams about some of her inspiration for advocacy.  Well get ready, it's time for us all to make our VOICES heard. This year's Alzheimer's Awareness Day is going to be held at the Georgia State Capitol on Thursday, February 12th. This is a state-wide event … Continue reading SAVE THE DATE!

Got Advocacy?

  Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the meaning of advocacy.   I used to wear a name-badge that said “Beth Williams, Advocate for Life”.  To me, it meant that I would always be an advocate in some way, where I offered a voice to the voiceless.  It always surprised me that such a small … Continue reading Got Advocacy?

“A Life Stolen” – One Caregiver’s Story

         My father joined the Air Force in 1950 during the Korean War where he trained as an airplane mechanic. After his tour of duty, he returned to his home in Miami and married my mother after only three months of courtship. He worked during the day and attended barber school at night, … Continue reading “A Life Stolen” – One Caregiver’s Story

Alzheimer’s Awareness Day at the GA State Capitol

Last Thursday was windy and cold. In fact, I admit that I ran from the parking lot to Central Presbyterian church because the wind was so shocking. But when I got inside the church doors, it was awash with warmth and excitement. Advocates began arriving shortly after 8 a.m. from all over the state: Albany, … Continue reading Alzheimer’s Awareness Day at the GA State Capitol