mark your calendars


We just heard last week from Augusta Program Director Beth Williams about some of her inspiration for advocacy.  Well get ready, it’s time for us all to make our VOICES heard. This year’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Day is going to be held at the Georgia State Capitol on Thursday, February 12th. This is a state-wide event and all are invited to attend.

This is an opportunity to tell YOUR story, as a diagnosed person, as a caregiver, as someone who has lost a loved one – to Georgia law-makers. The importance of legislators hearing our stories cannot be stressed enough – how else will they know that more resources and services are needed for their constituents facing dementia? How else will they know that the epidemic of dementia is real in Georgia and requires more research and attention? They won’t – they won’t know unless we all raise our voices and tell them. 

The Alzheimer’s Association staff and volunteers will be there with you to help you with the details of the day (the capitol can be a confusing place!), you don’t need to have been a political-science major to join us. All you need to do is register and show-up! We’ll provide everything else. Details about the day and a link to online registration can be found by clicking HERE.

Join us on Thursday, February 12 2015. Raise your VOICE with ours and let’s make a difference in the lives of everyone impacted by dementia. 


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