Holiday Gifting Ideas for Families Coping with Dementia

Purple Tree
Ornament from the purple holiday tree at the Alzheimer’s Association, GA Chapter


The holidays are here again and we always invite people to take the time to carefully consider what types of gifts may be the most appropriate for loved ones with dementia. Here’s our handy Gift Giving Guide – organized by stage of dementia – for those of you who haven’t seen it in the past.

We also want to encourage you to preserve these special moments you have and preserve the memories of years past! Here are some ways you can do that as a family:

1. Record each individual’s favorite family story and make a video! Phones can make great video cameras. There’s even video editing apps!

2. Take pictures, print them and make picture collages, ornaments and scrapbooks.

4. Make legacy books (your life story – or a loved one’s – in your own words). This is truly a gift that will last a lifetime. There are a variety of online templates you can use, or you can just start by going through old photos and writing down stories one at a time. It will take a while, but it will truly be a treasure when you’re done!

Scrapbooks and legacy books make wonderful gifts!
Scrapbooks and legacy books make wonderful gifts!




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