Meet the Forget-Me-Nots! : Carol Moore

Carol Moore, volunteer extraordinaire!
Carol Moore, volunteer extraordinaire!

The Forget Me Nots club is a group of people with early stage dementia and their care partners which has been meeting once a month for well over ten years now!  The club meets at a different restaurant in the metro Atlanta area every third Wednesday to socialize, eat good food, and just have fun.

We will be having a recurring segment in this blog called Meet the Forget Me Nots!  to introduce you to some of our fabulous members.

First up is Carol Moore, who was diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s in 2012.  Carol retired from government work (Including the Social Security administration) after 30+ years, and has two children and a grandson.  She has lived in Atlanta for over 30 years.

Carol says that for several months after her diagnosis, she withdrew.  “I was experiencing a lot of emotions—sadness, confusion, fear—and didn’t know what to do; I felt lost. Then one day I decided I really needed to move forward.  So I called the Alzheimer’s Association, and  I am so grateful that I did!”

Carol got connected with Susan Formby, a care consultant at the Association, and started seeing her regularly for counseling.  Their sessions focused on how a person can live fully, with purpose and meaning, after a diagnosis.  From there she got connected with other early stage programs, like the early stage support group, our peer support program, and the Forget Me Nots.  Carol has also gotten involved with our advocacy efforts, and has spoken to the media about her journey.

Carol says the Forget Me Nots gatherings are a great way to meet other people who understand what it is like to live with memory loss.  “The lunches give me an opportunity to meet other people who are going through the same thing that I am, to laugh and socialize, and not have to worry if I can’t remember a word!”  she says.  “It’s a wonderful bunch of people.”



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