Gift Ideas Re-Visited


It’s shopping time! Many of us are preparing our homes and our shopping lists for the upcoming holiday season. If you have a person with dementia on your list to buy for, it can be pretty puzzling to figure out what a good gift may be. We posted some ideas last year that we would like to remind you of. Check out last year’s post: Gift Ideas for a Person With Dementia to see the ideas. Have other good ideas? Share them in the comments box below, we’d love to hear them!

More holiday tips to come, stay tuned!!


One thought on “Gift Ideas Re-Visited

  1. Reblogged this on Team Berty & Ernie and commented:
    One of our favorite gifts/projects, here at Berty & Ernie, is a homemade scrapbook or photo album. They help with memory, visual stimulation, and are great for bonding.
    – Choose big, colorful pictures of favorite memories.
    – Include photos of people, animals, and favorite places. You could get creative and add items like scented pressed flowers and handkerchiefs (perfumed but clean!).
    – Ask other friends/family members to dig through their drawers and albums for pictures.
    – As you and your loved one flip through the book, reminisce out loud about the events and the people in the pictures. Don’t quiz them on the people in the photos, just let them enjoy!
    – Use a high-quality binding or ready-made album. You will have the book for years to come, and possibly after your loved one is gone. It will be a great heirloom to pass down and remember the life you shared.

    Just think of the memories!

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