Upcoming Events: Coffee and Conversation with Congressmen!

So many times when I hear an elected official talking about the economy, or health care, or budget deficits, I think to myself—“I’d like to tell him what I think is important!”

Well, if you’re like me, here’s your chance!  Right now, Georgia is in the middle of developing the first Georgia Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias State Plan—and will be in that process through the end of this year, with the Plan being presented to the Legislature and the Governor by March 30, 2013.

Since there is already a National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease, and is being updated annually, we’d like to ensure that both the National Plan and Georgia’s first State Plan are informed by the true stories of the journeys of Georgia families with the disease—the things you’d like to see included in the National or the State Plan.

Too often, elected officials and staffers think of themselves as experts in all fields—including dementia—and don’t ask their constituents—the people daily living their lives under the laws, programs, and services provided by government and created by these elected officials and staff members.  We’d like to ensure that that doesn’t happen in Georgia.

To that end, you are invited to join us for one of our Alzheimer’s Coffee & Conversation with Congress events during August.  Six Georgia Congressmen and their staff have worked with us to provide an hour to an hour and a half for you to meet them and share with them the story of your family’s journey with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia.  Won’t you join us and use your VOICE to speak up, speak out, and ensure that the Georgia Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias State Plan works in tandem with the National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s, so that we are able to develop a seamless network of government, business, private sector, faith-based organizations, voluntary health organizations, and non-profits who are working to help make Georgia a truly dementia-capable state?

Your story can make the difference between your needs being met or not—YOUR VOICE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

all regions coffee with congressmen
Coffee & Conversation with Congress!




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