Considerations When Moving a Loved One with Dementia

moving PWD

There is MUCH to consider before making the decision to move a loved one closer/in with you.  Some early questions to think about if you are considering such a move may include the following:

  • How might such a move impact the person with dementia emotionally, mentally & physically?
  • Where will you & the person with dementia have the most support systems?
  • Which area has better resources: ( i.e. specialists, facilities if needed in the future, senior centers/programming, Medicare/Medicaid resources, etc. )
  • How will other family members be impacted by such a move?

If you and your loved one are in different states, developing a good plan can be extra challenging. A good first step would be to contact the Alzheimer’s Association in both areas  so you can compare resources available in both states. You may also want to consider hiring a Geriatric Care Manager(GCM).  A GCM is a professional, usually a licensed social worker, who will do an assessment of the person with dementia including safety concerns and health needs and can then help you and other family members develop a care plan based on that assessment. Having an unbiased third party professional step-in can be an invaluable tool if there are a lot of “cooks in the kitchen” who need to get on the same page OR if you are the only responsible party and you are miles and miles away from the person with dementia.

For guidance or to obtain a list of GCM’s in your area, contact your local chapter at    1-800-272-3900.


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