Mob The Comet 2012

mob the comet 2012

What started out as a cold week in November turned around just in time for a perfect Saturday morning for the second annual Mob the Comet event to raise awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association of Georgia.  The point of Mob the Comet is to enlist as many Mobbers as possible to walk, run, or ride on the Silver Comet Trail wearing purple for Alzheimer’s awareness.  So, On November 3rd, 2012, the Mob was on.

The hosts from Inglett & Stubbs Electrical Construction in Mableton were gathered at 8AM to begin registration and event setup at the Mavell Rd. Trailhead in Smyrna.  We were joined by representatives from the Alzheimer’s Association of Georgia and Pam Meyers, a local fitness expert and passionate supporter of the cause.  She set up a stretching table for runners and great music to set the mood for a beautiful day.

The Mob was slow to gather, starting with a few long distance bikers and runners donning their purple shirts for their long day on the trail.  By 9AM, we had signed in and released about 25 Mobbers onto the trail to spread the word.  Although pre-registration was lower than expected this year, we were very pleased with the amount of walk-up attention that we were able to garner.  Trail enthusiasts were happy to donate a few minutes and dollars for a purple shirt, water bottle, or handkerchief to show their support for our Mob.  As we all know too well, everyone is affected by this terrible disease, and that fact manifested itself on this Saturday.  Nobody turned us away or ignored our message, and most had a personal story that they wanted to share with us.  A kind gentleman that lived nearby actually went and made the volunteers coffee and chai tea to say thanks for our efforts.

All of the organizers did a great job of raising awareness at the trailhead, and by 11AM, we had 75 Mobbers on the trail, along with an additional 50-75 people that were sporting purple on their bikes, strollers, bandanas, or armbands.

Meanwhile out on the trail, registered participants of the Mob were taking part in a heated poker run.  At mile markers 4.5 and 9 on the trail, we had check-in stations and volunteers dealing cards and refreshments.  At each station, a card was picked and recorded on the Mobber’s sheet.  Participants that did not make it all the way to each station were able to collect their cards at the trailhead.  In an exciting conclusion, a first time Mobber pulled three kings to take home the $100 American Express Gift Card grand prize.

By 11:30, all of the registered supporters had concluded their morning recreational Mob on the trail.  It was a sunny 70 degrees and could not been more perfect.   We made our way to the Lake Laurel Club, just a half mile away, for a delicious picnic lunch prepared by Mob sponsors.  Amy & Tammy’s Boxed lunch and Inglett & Stubbs volunteers prepared some delicious hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and homemade cookies.  It was an ideal gathering to conclude an amazing and powerful day on the Silver Comet Trail.  We had planned on concluding lunch by noon, but the camaraderie and good times continued for another hour.  People shared stories of family members and struggles with Alzheimer’s, as well as ideas for what else we can do to better help the association.  We discussed some improvements for next year’s Mob, and set our sights on making this day bigger and better for this wonderful cause.  A final tally of $2500 was recorded to donate for this day, but the awareness raised was invaluable.

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the Mob and the Alzheimer’s Association.  Next year, we will Mob on!

Thanks to our sponsors

mob the comet 2012 sponsors

mob the comet trail pic


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