Caregiver Timeout Makes a Positive Impact

Terene Bennett and her family are one of many families that have been able to benefit from our Caregiver Timeout Program (also known as Respite Care-giving). This program gives caregivers the opportunity to get a “timeout” – some time to themselves, some time to run some errands, or maybe some time to just relax and have some “me” time. Here’s what Terene had to say about the program:

When asked to describe the impact that the Alzheimer’s Association Respite Care-giving Project has had on my family, I can only describe it in terms of an old Stevie Wonder song. It has brought joy inside our tears.

It has had a positive inter-generational impact. The funding serves the past through financially supporting my mother’s attendance at an adult day health program which affords her the opportunity to still experience life activities, energies, motivations and connections. It has impacted the present generation by allowing my husband and me, who are my Mom’s direct caregivers, the ability to re-direct funding to extend respite care to the weekends thereby supporting a healthier mental, physical and emotional life style for us. It has impacted future generations because as a result of my Mom attending the adult day health center, she can stay at home surrounded by family thereby delaying her placement in a skilled nursing facility. Having her grandchildren and great-grandchildren experience her presence and unfortunate decline provides them with a deeper empathy, a decreased fear of the unknown associated with the aging process and mostly, an increase in their respect, responsibility and interest in playing a role in helping to support and love those who are older and more fragile than they are.

So you see all four of my family’s generations are positively impacted by my Mom being a recipient of the Alzheimer’s Association Respite Care-giving Services.

As we continue on this journey, witnessing the decline and cognitive disappearance of our family’s matriarch, the Stevie Wonder song, ‘Joy inside my tears’ resonates loudly in our hearts.

We wish to extend our sincerest appreciation to you and all those who support the program, you and your efforts…in any way.

With great appreciation,

Terene Bennett and Family

If you, or anyone you know, might benefit from the Caregiver Timeout Program, please call us at 800.272.3900


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