A Time to Talk

Our Programs & Services here at the Alzheimer’s Association, gives us a chance to connect with those affected by Alzheimer’s on a different level. Our trained staff and volunteers hold an excellent track record of making those who call in feel comfortable, and that they have that special place to go in a time of crisis.

A Time to Talk is a peer telephone support program for persons with early stage dementia and caregivers.  Volunteers with early memory loss or care giving experience provide phone calls to participants.  Volunteers and participants establish unique relationships as they discuss similar experiences and support each other through their journey.

Recently, A Time to Talk participant with early stage dementia was having a hard time dealing with her diagnosis. On top of such a difficult piece of news to come to reality with, the participant was having financial difficulties and missed her family tremendously – who don’t live nearby. This participant really connected with her peer volunteer on the other end of the line, and felt comfortable enough to share that she had been having suicidal thoughts.  Through the program, the volunteer was able to connect this participant with trained staff at the Alzheimer’s Association.  Our staff worked with this participant in implementing an agreed upon plan of what to do if the participant experiences suicidal thoughts.  She was also provided with resources for counseling and additional phone calls for support.

Through A Time to Talk, the Alzheimer’s Association was able to assist someone who may not have otherwise reached out for help.  If you, or anyone you know, are interested in this program, please contact the Alzheimer’s Association at 1-800-272-3900.


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