A letter from a caregiver

Early this year I heard for the first time “your husband of 50 years has Alzheimer’s.”  That statement has impacted both of our lives every single day since we heard that word.

A very close friend and physician asked me if I had heard about the Alzheimer’s Association. It took me some time to call because I was paralyzed with fear but it has been one of the most important calls of our lives. The voices of this group gave me the strength to learn what I can do and what I cannot do. The first call was answered by Susan Formby in Atlanta, followed by many others.

There is no solution YET but there is help. The initial call introduced me to the 24-7 Hotline, an instant voice to listen. I have called many times since. Support groups every month so my husband and I can hear what others are experiencing and that we are not alone. You can participate via conference call with other victims facilitated by a trained counselor, Susan Formby.

The Alzheimer’s Association has pertinent information about all phases of this disease and answers to your doubts and fears. They are waiting to send information to help. My husband I wear Safe Return medallions in case he wanders or needs help. If he wanders and gets lost, his personal medical needs are provided, phone number to call if he cannot identify himself and his identification number which can. Hopefully, this medallion can reunite us quickly and safely.

Always a voice willing to listen, and facilities to provide you with information which will help you through those 36 hour days. They even remind me as a caretaker to take care of myself, so I can take care of my loved one.

Contribute your valuable time, and your money just so they can help those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s and those who will be.

Nancy Alexander


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