Albany, Georgia Walk to End Alzheimer’s Receives “Rising Star” Award


In 2009 the decline in the economy forced the Southwest Georgia Region of the Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter to take a closer look at the way we operated, and forced us make some unwanted cuts and other changes. One change was to move the location of the Regional Office from Albany, GA. to Tifton, GA.  This centered us in the 35 counties we cover and allowed us to better serve those dealing with Alzheimer’s disease throughout the region. This change needed to happen, but they were several concerns.  Albany was our home for many years; would they feel like we were abandoning them?  Could we still get the fundraising support in Albany that we so desperately needed? Would individuals still volunteer and support our events?

Over the next 2 years we recruited new Board Members from all parts of the region.  We raised awareness and started to serve more individuals and their families in South Georgia who suffered from this terrible disease.  We started new support groups and sent valuable information to new families who were beginning their journey with Alzheimer’s disease.  We started a new Walk To End Alzheimer’s in Tifton and did extremely well, but most importantly, we did not lose the support in Albany. A dedicated group of volunteers continued the support group in Albany. They were advocates at “Awareness Day at the Capitol” in Atlanta and continued to volunteer for the Walk To End Alzheimer’s. They were passionate about our cause and continued support the Alzheimer’s Association, even after the move

In 2011, about 2 ½ years after our move, I am extremely proud to say the Albany Walk to End Alzheimer’s received a national  “rising star” award for 100% growth over 2010. This accomplishment is amazing and something Albany needs to be proud of. Not only did they continue the Walk, and despite hard economic times, they grew revenue by 100% over 2010. This group motivated me every day, and I looked forward to the meetings and hearing the positive attitudes and new ideas of how we were going to succeed. They knew families were counting on us, and the location of an office didn’t matter to them. Evie Carver (Walk Chairman) and I will attend the Leadership Summit on February 16-18 in San Diego, California and claim our award. In my opinion, there is not a more deserving group of people. Well done Albany, you make me proud!


Dan Phillips
Regional Outreach Director
Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter Southwest GA Region


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