find your VOICE


When I was growing up, my parents told me that even though I was only one person, I could make a difference in the world.  My mother taught me that just one person could change the world—history proves it.

Not only am I the Advocacy Manager for the Georgia Chapter, I am a former caregiver for my mother.  When I was caring for my mother, I felt overwhelmed with caregiving—I felt frustrated that there was no cure and few programs that could help her or help me in caring for her—I felt powerless.  I knew the issues first-hand because I had lived them as I traveled the Alzheimer’s Journey with my mother—I wanted desperately to do something to fight this disease, but I was only one person, a daughter, a caregiver—what could I do?

And then it hit me—I had worked for a county government for thirty years—I had lobbied the legislature in support of county and state issues, so I knew the impact that could make.  I knew the impact that just one constituent sharing his concern with his district commissioner could make on that commissioner and ultimately on the county’s action in response to that constituent’s concern.  That constituent had a voice and a constituent willing to use his voice is powerful!    Imagine your voice united with that of 300 or so others at the Capitol—we’re all in purple t-shirts, all at the there for one common goal—to get the necessary support and services for those we love until we can help bring about a world without Alzheimer’s.

If you’re an advocate, you can’t help but feel the love, commitment, and power when we meet at the Capitol.  You can’t help but feel excited, inspired, and powerful when you talk to a legislator and he or she says “YES, I’ll vote for you.”

Whether you are a medical professional, professional caregiver, social worker, friend, family member, or a person with dementia–we need your VOICE!  Your story is important; your story is powerful—and legislators listen to stories; legislators take action based on stories!

I love meeting every advocate, talking with you about the issues, listening to your story, and helping you to find a your VOICE.  I love seeing the transformation that happens in some advocates like you who may be unsure about what to say or how to say it when you come to the Capitol—those of you who may be uncomfortable about talking to your senator or representative.  Then, as you visit the legislators in groups, I see your passion ignited—you become inspired and empowered, and you find your VOICE!

Won’t you join us on Monday, February 13, for Alzheimer’s Awareness Day at the Georgia State Capitol?  Tell a family member, a friend, a coworker—pass the word—your VOICE can make a difference.  United, all of our voices DO make a difference.

Won’t you join us and be a part of our “Purple Power?”

Kathy Simpson
Advocacy Manager
Alzheimer’s Association, GA Chapter


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