Stopping wandering in Georgia.. one safe return membership at a time

Here at the Alzheimer’s Association Georgia Chapter, we are so excited about the opportunity to be featured on Groupon for donations to our Medic Alert + Safe Return program! In one of the first campaigns of its kind here, we’re asking for donations specifically for our Medic Alert + Safe return program. You can watch a video to find out all about the program here.

60% of people with Alzheimer’s will wander. We just saw this happen in Georgia, when a woman with mild dementia wandered away from her home, and was missing for over 24 hours in freezing temperatures.  At the Alzheimer’s Association Georgia Chapter, we want to make sure that people with Alzheimer’s in Georgia who wander get home as quickly and safely as possible.

Enrollment in the Medic Alert + Safe return program is just about $55. In this economy, and being a caregiver (often a full time job), it can be difficult to afford that cost. We don’t want money to be an issue when protecting a loved one, so we give you a membership at no cost if your loved one has wandered already, and we provide scholarships to first time members who cannot afford the $55 cost.

All of the donations you make will go directly to this program, and directly to helping families provide their loved ones with this life saving jewelry. Groupon requires we hit a “tipping point” for the donations to happen (for the transactions to occur) of 33 donors. That’s $330, and 6 life saving Medic Alert + Safe Return enrollments. Once we hit that, then all donations go through, and every $55 raised from then on are even more enrollments! So please spread the word, and help us make sure that those who wander in Georgia get home safe!

Sarah Cronin
E-Philanthropy Coordinator
Alzheimer’s Association|Georgia Chapter


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